Volume 2014 Issue 3

Quarter 3 Newsletter (PDF)

President’s Message
by Simon Lee
October 5, 2014

Dear Members and Friends of OCA-EVC:

I still cannot believe that Q3, 2014 is coming to an end. I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful Virginia Fall weather amid the memory of the hot summer we just had. As usual, we had our annual picnic in late June and we have a great success again. We had almost a hundred people attended the picnic. The best feature of this year’s picnic is the BBQ. Shirley Chiang, our Education Director, was put in charge of preparing the BBQ meat and what a preparation she did, The BBQ meat were so exceptionally tasty everyone were asking to have her in charge of it forever. Since Jim Zhang, our three consecutive terms President and our BBQ life-time master chef was out of town, Frank Wen, our new and promising Secretary, took over and did a great job. I helped just enough to know the grill was very hot and it is a hard job to BBQ for 100 people. The Tea Eggs and all other dishes were all great. Thanks to Lily Li, Membership Director, and Shirley and Ling Wang, Fund Raising Director and all others who helped with the food and raffle. On top of that, we had 6 families renewed their membership and two new families joined our Chapter. The annual picnic has been a gathering for our members and it has always been free to our members and new members. I hope we can continue this tradition every year.

We celebrated the Annual Moon Festival on 9/7 at Norfolk Town Point Park. This event is jointly sponsored by all local Chinese Community Organizations and our past VP, Bonnie Xie (wife of our current VP, Harry Zhang) is the main organizer. Our Chapter was there to demonstrate Chinese Calligraphy and introduce us to our community. Our Publication Director, Jay Wang, joined Jim Zhang to demonstrate Chinese calligraphy and write Chinese names for visitors. Jay also made a beautiful poster to introduce our chapter to the community. Traditional Chinese dance were provided by TCS students. What a great idea to have Mother and Daughter together on our OCA Quipao team show. We took a lot of great pictures to be attached to share with you all. The festival was very successful and we even made some money for our Chapter and renewed some members.

Many times, I have emphasized we should treasure our freedom of making “Choices”, especially when a lot of people are fighting to have theirs. Now, it is finally our time to make big “choices” in exercising our voting rights in the upcoming Mid-Term election. It will be on 11/4 this year and we will elect one US Senator and 11 Congressman and many state Senators and Representatives. Since most of our members are US Citizen and Virginia residents, we are eligible to vote as long as we are registered. The voter registration deadline is 10/14 which is only a week away. I found many websites very helpful in providing bipartisan voting information and I encourage all of you to do more research about our candidates and make the right decisions. We are a civil rights advocate organization and we want to a better future for us and the next generations. Having the people in public positions will make the same decisions as we do is a very important step. Also equally important, voting records are analyzed and tracked and we need to show we, Asian Pacific Americans, care about our rights and our politics. We have distributed voter registration forms during the Moon Festival (since on-line registration system is in place as of now) and we will continue to help and encourage our members in community to vote and make us be counted.

Finally, I hope all of you have received the announcement of our upcoming big fundraising event (it is attached for reminder) “The Voice in Autumn – Singing for the Future”. Cindy Guo, our Treasurer and Lily and our Bonnie, are working so diligently on planning this event. We have the generous sponsorship from Dr. Qiu Jin, Executive Director of the Distinguished Confucius institute and our longtime supporter Betty Lu, who has offered her dance studio at a very deep discount to host our event. I have been there quite a few times and we always enjoyed the dance and music there. I know it is going to be a fun-filled event and it is to support our Chapter and our future generations. Fall weather is already among us and I hope we all will watch out for the sudden temperature change. I hope to see you all soon.

Best Wishes,