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2011 December OCA-EVC Youth Leadership WorkShip

To foster the Asian American youth for well-being, OCA-EVC is proud to sponsor a Youth Leadership Workshop on December 17, 2011, Saturday, 9:00am to 2:00pm, at ODU BAL Building.  This workshop will be lectured by a professional youth trainer Mr. Perry Lam, and is open to all Asian American youth, age 12 to 18 years old with max 32 seats.  Please see attached flyer and registration form.  You need to send in the registration form first to Ms. Huishan Walker, OCA-EVC Education Director, at by the deadline and make the payment of $25 for the study material at the workshop.

2011 OCA-EVC Youth of the Year Award

OCA-EVC recognizes prestigious young leader(s) annually through the Youth of the Year Award for his/her outstanding records of leadership, community services, citizenship and character in extracurricular activities, accomplishments in academic, sport, art, or other talents.
The application deadline of this year is November 23.  Click here to check the 2011 Youth Award Application Package.

Support of Project 1882

Eastern Virginia Chapter drafted support letter of Project1882 and will encourage our members to send letters to Senators or House Representatives to support the 1882 Projectclick here to download the letter to Senator or here to Congressman or here for the contact information of the targeted Representatives and Senators.

For detailed information on 1882 Project, please visit the 1882 Project website: .  Please remove the title Sample Senator Letter or Sample House Letter off your letter.  If you know the office number, please fill it in, otherwise, remove that line off the letter.  Please also send a copy of your letter to per e-mail below.  The 1882 Project group will hand deliver a copy of your letters to the Senators and Representatives.