First, why join OCA?

Then, why Join OCA-EVC?

  • OCA-EVC is one of 80 Chapters and College Affiliates dedicated to advocating the social, political and economic well-being of Chinese and Asian Pacific Americans in the Local Area of Hampton Roads
  • Being an OCA-EVC member you join others who embrace the dreams and aspirations of Asian Americans to make a better life in the United States and become a part of mainstream America
  • Being an OCA-EVC member means you support the community and social participation in all aspects that impact the quality of life of Asian American families which include activities that serve to promote dialogue with representatives of the people, educate, and bridge opportunities to understanding cultural heritage and diversity.
  • Being and OCA-EVC member means you embrace those values that make America great which is to stand united to bring about positive changes to benefit society in general.

Annual Dues

How to Join

Family家庭       $50

Individual單身   $40

Lifetime Family 終身家庭    $1,500

Lifetime Individual終身單身     $1,000

  1. Download the membership form  and print
  2. Complete the appropriate fields
  3. Send the completed application to the address at the bottom of the form

Senior & Student Dues

Membership Perks and Benefits

Senior Individual 年長者 $20

Student學生      $10

  • Subscription to the OCA National publication “IMAGE”
  • OCA-EVC Newsletter
  • Member Events and Mixers
  • Special Access to the Members Only Area (Coming Soon)

Corporate Dues

OCA-EVC Life Members

Corporate Membership $500

Honorary Life Members

Life Members

Honorary Chapter Life Members    – Who have been recognized to have made persistent and fundamental contributions to OCA-EVC

*See the bylaws for the detailed criteria of awards

Dr. & Mrs. Peter Chang (awarded 2003)

Dr. & Mrs. Leon Wang (awarded 2003)

Life Members

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Cheng

Dr. & Mrs. Frank Fang

Mr. & Mrs. Ying Mah

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Tseng

Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Wu

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